The first cargo transported using GLONASS electronic seals

UGL is the first company in Ukraine which has successfully implemented freight forwarding support for the transportation of sanctioned cargo consignment using GLONASS electronic seals.

In May 2020, the cargo was sent from Kuryazh station (Kharkov region, Ukraine) to Alma-Ata I station (Kazakhstan) in transit via Russia in a covered railway car with seals’ installation at Belgorod station and seals’ removal at Ozinka station. The railway car with groupage cargo crossed the transit territory of the Russian Federation in seven days.

Beforehand these cargoes were transported using two ferries: Paromnaya – Poti / Batumi, Alyat – Kuryk / Turkmenbashi, requiring the transit through the territories of Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries of the Central Asia. Delivery via the territory of the Russian Federation is not only faster, but also significantly cheaper. To execute this opportunity UGL managers developed a scheme of delivery coordination with Russian Railways, Digital platforms Development Centre, Federal Customs Service, Veterinary Supervision of Russia and other authorities involved. Currently definite goods which are the subject to sanctions for transit through the territory of Russia have been successfully transported under this delivery scheme, e.g. powdered milk, condensed milk, paper bags, metal lids and other cargoes.

UGL company is glad to cooperate with all partners interested in reducing the delivery time and the cost for the transportation of sanctioned cargo destined for Central Asia countries.