Project Cargo: 3 Rules of Transportation

Project cargoes are cargoes that are non-standard in terms of volume, weight, configuration, and cannot be delivered by conventional allocation methods and general routes.

Such cargoes require the development of a special project, and the project itself requires a professional and responsible approach.

At United Global Logistic, experts use the following three rules in creating transport solutions for the transportation of project cargoes:

1. Optimal type of transportation/transport: Correct vehicle capacity computation, road and route evaluation, taking into account the characteristics of loading equipment and equipment of transshipment stations.

2. Optimal allocation: Al location optimization taking into account the dimensions of individual fragments or the entire cargo complex. Minimization of the number of cars/containers/trains for transportation.

3. Optimal route: Choice of an efficient, safe and economical route option.

By taking these basic rules into account, we can correctly plan the transport of dangerous goods in Ukraine, Europe and all over the world.